Posted on May 25, 2009


i’ve spent the last couple weeks really, seriously, diligently potty training silly monkey, for every single moment he is with me.  and for the past few weeks, every moment he is with me, he’s done so very well with the potty.

today, he actually stopped playing, looked at me and said “mommy, i have to pee“.  i just about peed MYSELF!  i didn’t have to remind him or ask him or demand that he still sit even if he didn’t want to… he TOLD me he had to go!  i think my heart actually stopped for a moment!

granted, we’ve had a few talks about how big boys don’t wear diapers and diapers are a no-no from now on and we’ve even had a few issues with crying and silly monkey demanding diapers and even one instance where he took the undies off and brought me a diaper, but really, in all, it’s been pretty seamless during this past trial.

of course it will require everyone’s cooperation, M and the sitter and anyone that watches him anytime after he’s had ANYTHING to drink, but in my estimation, we are well on our way to using the toilet and the toilet only.  in fact, today, we only had two accidents.  TWO!  one was right after he went down for his nap.  and the instant it happened, i heard elephant footsteps in the hall and a tiny, sad voice whispering “uh oh, mommy, i made a poop in my thomas undies“.  so he knows and he’s now certainly not oblivious to fact that pooping on thomas will most certainly guarantee that thomas will end up in the trash.  the other was during a non-stop train playing fest and he was FAR too busy to sit on the potty that i had so graciously brought TO him and put right in FRONT of him, and he literally peed, in his undies, while i was lecturing him on the fact that he must sit even if he didn’t want to and his toys would definitely be there when he was done peeing.  we had another lecture after the pee in the undies, but by golly, no more accidents after that and we even spent a couple hours outside playing in the evening, away from the diapers and way way way away from the potty.

i recently read an article that stated if a child, during potty training, has two or less accidents in the day, he can be labeled successfully potty trained.  so, as of today, i am deeming silly monkey as successfully potty trained!  i suppose we’ll have to see about tomorrow.  but… i’m pretty darn optimitic at this point.