Posted on May 27, 2009


warning –  this post is a long, drawn out story about my child FINALLY using the toilet.  if you care not for toilet stories, stop reading now…

today is day five six seven of the latest potty training mission and silly monkey is catching on quickly.  i was worried that he would NEVER tell me he had to go and i would just have to guess and/or require him to sit every 30 minutes and/or ask him if he had to pee every five minutes.

the first few days were a bit rough – i would ask, he would say no, i would make him sit, he would go, i would ask why he said no, he would say he didn’t know, i would tell him he needed to tell me, he would say ok and we would clean up and be on our merry way.

after a weekend with M, we were pretty much back at the starting point, but i took it as a good time to give silly monkey a refresher on proper bathroom etiquette (ie.  tell mommy as soon as a tinkle feeling appears and strip down the undies… AND SIT!), all the while making silly monkey feel like he was in control of telling me and going and etc.  the conversations were more so made up of me asking him where he should pee, should he have to pee and him responding like OMG mah, seriously, i may be a toddler, but i know EXACTLY where to go, just don’t expect me to go THERE if i’m playing b/c OMG mah, seriously. BUT, while playing, he looked over at me and said “mommy, i have go pee pee“, to which i responded by jumping out of my seat and quickly guided him to the potty where he emptied, we cheered and we went on our merry way.

going back to daycare yesterday i figured would be a bit tough.  but, it played out just fine with zero accidents.

today was exceptional.  not only did silly monkey tell me several times that he had to use the potty, he actually went in the potty every time, which oddly was about four times after 8pm (and another after he laid down for bed, which he decided belonged in his pull-up “undies”).  in fact, today was so great that during his bath, he asked to use the toilet – got out of the tub, onto the toilet, peed and then asked to return to the tub.

i’m not sure what i did right this time.  or what i did wrong before.  i’ve been wracking my brain to figure out what made this work and why it failed so miserably over the past year.  i’ve done so much reading on potty training that i could probably write my own book (legally paraphrasing, of course) about ALL of the different methods.  and really, i’ve tried everything (pretty much by myself b/c really, one other can’t be bothered to do the things he should and no one else should be required to teach my child not to pee himself) and really, everything did NOT work:  waiting until he was ready did not work b/c unless he could say “mommy, i’m ready” (which he still hasn’t said), how the heck do i really know he is ready?  and pulls ups?  please.  they’re like diapers with inconvenient sides.  why wouldn’t he want to pee in them?  how in the world would he know they were any different from diapers?**  bribery worked for  bit, but got expensive.  rewards were OK, we go more headway with candy than with stickers.  and then there was my final option…


at first, we tried naked potty training, but silly monkey wouldn’t stop touching his butt, and i thought that was weird.  plus, it made company uncomfortable.  that, and i was worried that he would assume he had to be naked to pee and wouldn’t understand the point of the undies.

so… we put them on and haven’t looked back.  yet.

** silly monkey now refers to pull ups as night night undies.  so, i take back most of what i said about them above, however, i still wouldn’t ever recommend using them as a potty training tool.