Posted on July 1, 2009


if there’s one thing i love, it’s lip gloss.  i may have close to 50 different ones… in my purse!! 

i also have a major obsession with lip plumpers… not so much that i need to plump them a bunch (and would never so much as inject anything), but they could use a bit of help every now & then. 

so i’ve pretty much tried them all and have a few that top my list… 

*  duwop lip venom – very tasty, very spicy, ouch ouch ouch
*  two-faced lip injection – kind of like the lip venom and a bit painful
fusion beauty lip fusion– cooling and visibly works, though a bit drying


smashbox o-plump
(O-PLUMP Intuitive Lip Plumper With Goji Berry-C Complex™)


the stuff is ridiculously amazing.  it plumps, it shines… and it’s so tingly & cool  (actual coolness, but metaphoric, just the same!). 

i was skeptical about the o-plump, b/c it has a color enhancer to give your lips a pinky color when applied, in addition to the plumpiness.  i had tried the smashbox o-gloss a while back and it turned my lips a shade of pink no pink should ever be… let alone lips, so i really did almost pass up the o-plump.   in fact, for a while did pass it up and actually became addicted to the lip fusion.  BUT, after reading some fantastic reviews, i decided to just give it a go and plopped down my twenty-something dollars (steep!  i know!!) and took it home. 

and NOW?  OMG!!!  i use it everyday, all day and i LOVELOVELOVE it.  the color is fabulous.  the hydration is fabulous.  and the plumper works exactly how a plumper should work. 

i’m also partial to this (yay! no breakouts!!)  and would LOVE to try this (gah, i’m poor!), but those are items for another day.

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