Posted on July 2, 2009


silly monkey and i have spent LOADS of quality time together over the past couple weeks.  mainly b/c i exercised my right to “uninterrupted time”, but mostly b/c he’s just so darn adorably scrumptious *NOM NOM*. 

our first few days were those of relaxation.  sleeping in (until 9am!  woo hoo), moving things about the house b/c things they are ‘a changin’, playing with trains and cars & OMG i haven’t seen that thing in forever, but wait… what is it? and running about feeding the ducks b/c even those ducks are having babies.  we also cooked together (he helped roll up some homemade, made from scratch chicken enchilada thingies i concocted and assisted in prepping breakfast each morning – he is SOOOO good a pouring things) and did some art projects. 

then we got real creative and spent even bigger LOADS of time at the pool, the zoo, the park, the store and a bit of time terrorizing other people’s homes. 

the two of us had some fun conversations…

hey, silly monkey, are you ready for lunch?
what would you like?
um.  i would like a hug and a kiss.

and some of our more normal conversations…

i am going to school* tomorrow.
no, not tomorrow.
in ten minutes.
no, not ten minutes.  when are you going to school?
in september.

 we did some other things that i’m not going to mention b/c they are special camping in the living room-like silly monkey & mommy things, but trust me… SO FUN!

it was THE best time i’ve ever spent doing pretty much nothing with THE best person in the entire whole wide worldUNIVERSE.  how true is it that it’s not what you’re doing, it’s who you’re doing it with? 

* silly monkey really is going to school.   no, like, real school!  he is SUCH a SMARTsmartSMART boy.  and he couldn’t be MORE excited.