Posted on July 29, 2009


i can talk about her without crying.  i can relive stories and play back memories, at any time, at any moment and be just fine. 

she was a wonderful woman.  everything she thought, everything she had, everything she did was for her kids.  all three of us.  though maybe not equally (damn my middle child status).

four months before she passed, she grabbed my hand and told me to “take care of them”.  i initially giggled, b/c, hey, that’s what i do.  but she meant it.  and i had to question who would take care of me?  but she said what she had said to me a million times before… i could take care of me.   

and i have.  and i do.  and i will always. 

talking about her doesn’t make me a mess.  it’s the missing her that’s the hard part.