Posted on August 12, 2009


ok.  so i really don’t blog about tv. 

if i did, i would have ranted about that season of “the bachelor” where jason jilted melissa and so on & so forth and then carried on to tell you how much i could not staaaaand jillian in her season of “the bachelorette”, though she made the best physicalchoice in the end.  i’d also tell you all about my love of “lost” even if i rarely understand what it is that is happening and that i’ve never seen a full episode of “buffy the vampire slayer”, “angel” or even “ugly betty” and haven’t watched “survivor” since the first season.   i may also squeal with excitement that jeanine won “so you think you can dance”.

yea… that’s IF i blogged about tv.  which i don’t.  well, usually don’t.  BUT…

has anyone seen this “drop dead diva” show on lifetime?  OMG!  you must!!  i switched it on after rapidly channel surfing (as rapidly as you can surf through digital cable, which is like 10 seconds in between each channel change) and got so hooked after about 15 minutes that it now has it’s very own special place in my priority line-up on my DVR. 

the premise:  twenty something aspiring model, deb, dies in car crash only to be turned away at the pearly gates for being deemed “not worthy” and ends up in the body of thirty something plus-size (and lovely) attorney, jane, who had died after being gunned down in some not-so-fluke accident involving her boss and the husband of the married woman he had an affair with.  **breath**deb still has all of her memories, has none of jane’s with the exception of her smarts (she is a lawyer after all) and learns that she works with deb’s boyfriend who is still grieving for her after 3 months (and why should he not?  it’s only been 3 months!!!), as he must rebuff the advances of the office slut, all the while deb/jane makes googly eyes at him.   **breath**the only person who knows what’s happened is her best friend/roommate, stacy.  aaaaaaaand scene.

ok.  let me start by saying that had i read the above i would have immediately decided not to watch the show.  that said…

the gal that plays jane (brooke elliott) is awesome.  she does this little hair flip/smile/bright sparkly eye thing whenever she’s around a boy worth a hair flip.  it is seriously laugh worthy.  every time!  she has an amazing range of expressions, not to mention that she’s quite charming. 

OH and the best part – margaret cho.  that’s right –  MARGARET FRIGGIN’ CHO!!!

it’s quite refreshing to see something… not so serious.  and not reality.  so i’m going to watch.  and watch and watch and watch.  plus, what’s a weekend night at home alone without some lifetime tv? 

(by the way… it’s on sundays.  and you should watch it.  and not hold me accountable should you surprisingly and oh-so not possibly not like it.)

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