Posted on August 21, 2009


it’s a swift ride there.  no more than 5 minutes, even in traffic.  it’s around the bend and down the hill.  past the gas station, the banks, the farm house and sheep.  turn here, then there… arrive.  pull around back.  park over hopscotch.  but not in the middle – don’t want to get blocked in.  look around.  walk a bit.  in the doors.  wow, it’s hot.  so many smiling faces.  comforting.  teachers abound. 

i spent a good hour at silly monkey’s new preschool last night.  each of the 15 or so teachers took turns speaking about policies, illnesses, field trips, activities, behavior, snow, curriculum and more.  at one point, someone mentioned school photos and i got all mushy.  they talked about separation anxiety and i got all… anxious. 

i think that might be what i most worry about.  and not just for me, but for him, as well.  change is tough for all of us, but for a three year old – oh mah gawd… END OF THE WORLD! 

but, as always, silly monkey knows that mama comes back. mama will always come back. 

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