Posted on August 24, 2009


alternate post title = “less than proper grammar”

i had one of those days yesterday.  yes.  one of THOSE days.  i woke up late, after being out late and then felt crappy all day.  i was exhausted just from being exhausted and i swore i would take a nap.  and then the window of opportunity for a nap passed b/c if i took a nap at 5pm, i would surely sleep til at least 7pm, which means i would never get to bed at a reasonable hour, though i should have just taken a nap b/c i found a million things to do and didn’t get to bed til after midnight aaaaaaand, mind you, i didn’t actually fall asleep until well after 130am b/c vh1 reality tv is oh so entertaining.  so, yea, it was one of those days.

i’m anticipating that this week will take forever and be chock full of unnecessary drama and annoyances, b/c whenever i’m actually looking forward to something, everything tends to drag on and be irritating. 

BUT… i only have six days until i see my beaming silly monkey, so i have something to absolutely & excitingly to look forward to. 

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