Posted on August 25, 2009


they love me…
dolce vita "molly" - BEST mary janes EVER

dolce vita "molly" - BEST mary janes under the sun

they love me not…


steve madden "quantumm" - pieces of crap broke after 3 weeks

they love me…


chucks "heart & butterfly ox" - cute & functional

they love me not…


mia "diva" - worst pain EVER

they love me…


calvin klein "pixy" - flirty, fringy & comfy

it’s no secret that i LOVE shoes. 

in fact, i would marry shoes if 1.) i could ever get divorced and 2.) if they could support my unnecessary need to be a pampered housewife (ha!!).  on last count, the number of pairs of shoes i own toppled the number of  pairs of pants i own, though that’s not that big a feat considering i’m really not the t-shirt & jeans kind of girl.

 i suppose what i’m saying is…

i have lot of shoes that i love b/c  they’re adorable and awesome.  and i have some that i loathe b/c they’re adorable and awesome and give me some of the most horrendous pain i’ve ever felt (minus kidney surgery.  and minus my tonsillectomy – what?  that was super bad!  oh and minus childbirth.  yes, definitely minus childbirth.).

when people get a glimpse of my shoe collection, they usually swallow hard.  most don’t get it.  most don’t care to get it.  and most don’t even get to see them out of the box, let alone touch them, so they’re just jealous.  BUT…

i am a responsible adult and have never, ever put my shoes in front of any priority – not my child, not my mortgage and not even my slight obsession with nectarines.   in fact, i’ve been going through some shoe withdrawal considering nothing new has entered my home (aside from those pieces of crap steve madden shoes that promptly went back to the store, in pieces, for a full, if not arguably difficult, refund.) in OVER a year.

sure, i could have grabbed a couple pairs from a discount store.  sure, i could have another closet-full of cheapy (or piece of crap steve madden) pairs.  but when i buy shoes… oooooooh, i buy good shoes.  and when i buy good shoes, i make my purchase worth every penny…


manolo blahnik "luccado" (circa 2005) - don't hate



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