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Posted on August 26, 2009


alternate post title = wtf?  seriously?

hi, my names Amanda. Well a little about me i am 18 years old and i just recently graduated high school in May. I am happily married and have two wonderful kids ages 1 and 2. I just got excepted into college through The University of Phoenix but am taking my classes online. I used to be CPR certified but haven’t went and got re certified through the state. With toddlers i will work with potty training im going through that now with my 2 year old.
infants-150.00 weekly
Toddlers-125.00 weekly
i am willing to work with you with prices because i no how hard it can be i went through it with two kids still in high school, if you have more then one child i will just give you a solid amount on how much ill ask for.
I consider toddler up to 4 years old, and kids older then 4 years depends on how long i have them only because schools starting back up and i may only have them a couple hours. My hours are from 6:30am to 5 pm because i no everyone’s hours vary. I would also like to get paid ahead for the week coming up, so that way i no you wont just stop bringing your child/ren when uve already paid. If you decided for some reason to not bring them back or something happens please let me no as soon as you no and that will be fine.i no im young, but i would consider me very mature and i would take very good care of you child/ren. Please email me at xxxxxxxxxxx if you would like to visit my family and my home thank you

i found the above listed on craigslist.  i was astounded.  i left it completely un-edited, save for removing the poor girl’s email address.  i actually had to read it a couple times to get the point, as it’s written like a sloppy text message.

finding someone trustworthy to watch your child is a daunting task.  you can meet a well-educated, grammatically correct individual and absolutely hate them in person.  or you can meet someone who barely graduated high school, but runs a very tight ship in the way of caring for children, and fall in love with them. 

when silly monkey was 3 months old, he was cast out into “daycare”, to my absolute horror and dismay.  however, the horror and dismay wasn’t directed at who would be watching him, rather that i wouldn’t be with him as much as a new mother needs and wants to be with her baby.  in fact, i was excited about his “provider” b/c she was awesome.  she had years of experience with three perfect children.  she was also…

my mother. 

i was blessed.  she loved him more than any other “provider” would ever be able to love him and she took amazing care of him.  but, i still cried.  everyday.  for 2 months.  maybe longer.  shut up. 

when she was diagnosed with GBM, i worried about where silly monkey would go.  and i was saddened that he would lose the opportunity to bond with my mom, during the short time she had left.  we looked into a few daycare centers until my blessings came into play again… my sister decided to live with my mother and offered to keep silly monkey, as well.  this continued after my mother’s death, until silly monkey was 19 months old.

and then all of a sudden, i was in a panic again.  i searched and searched, checked referral after referral, rejected crazies and ridiculously expensive “schools” that were merely disguised as glorified daycare centers.  and then we found that perfect person.  she watched silly monkey for 9 months, until she had her new baby.  luckily, my sister was, again, able to care for silly monkey for a few months until we could find another.  when we did find this other, let’s just say… it didn’t work out the way we had planned.  but, thankfully, he was able to spend this  summer with his friends and his very first babysitter. 

how did i find this amazing sitter that keeps taking us back and allowing us to invade her home as our back-up?  eek.  craigslist.  (i know, call me crazy, but read on.) 

i checked ads for people in my community.  she happened to live down the street.  she gave me her history.  she gave me an open tour of her home.  she gave me reference info.  she even requested that she meet M before we signed our contract (even though he refused).  i did background checks and found no criminal history.  i did public records checks and found not so much as a speeding ticket.  i checked the auditor website to be sure they owned their home.  i even googled, which turned up zip/zero/nada.  and then i met her.  and her husband.  and her child.  more than a few times before i ever left silly monkey with her for an hour.   she was educated in childhood development and i could instantly tell that she would be a good influence on silly monkey – the reading, the schedule, the structured play, etc.  she used proper grammar, which is more than necessary when speaking to learning toddlers.  and silly monkey loved her.  i loved her.  and everything was wonderful.  craigslist served us well.

i mean, look, craigslist is a great way to connect to your community.  if you are running your own business, it’s the perfect way to locally advertise.  and if you’re smart and careful, it’s a wonderful way to find services you need. 

however, when i ran across the ad above, i couldn’t help but laugh.  who is going to take this poor girl seriously?  her grammar is atrocious.  i would never want my child learning to write, let alone, speak like that.  i’m no grammar nazi, i make mistakes here & there (for goodness gracious, i type in all lowercase letters, but that’s mainly out of convenience), but really – there is a HUGE difference between “know” and “no”.  she’s also 18 with her hands completely full with two young children.  in fact, to be certified in the state of ohio, you cannot have more than six children in your care (total), with more than two of those being aged two or younger.  and she’s asking for infants?  has she done her homework?  has she lost her mind? 

i would NEVER even THINK to settle on silly monkey’s care.  i would never settle for anything less than a top-rate, safe, secure, educational place to spend significant (unfortunately) portions of the day.  i’m paranoid enough about him being jettisoned off the bottom of the slide, at the rate he launches himself from the top, face first. 

silly monkey slide face plant

silly monkey slide face plant

granted, she may be an awfully nice girl, albeit misguided, but she really shouldn’t be peddling child care if she’s isn’t capable of providing that type of atmosphere that prepares, correctly, a child for school or the real world.  sadly, there are parents who couldn’t care less who they leave their kids with and are happy to jump on her low, low rates (which really aren’t that low in this area anyway). 

and to those parents, all i can say is… wow.   

and now.  officially.  stepping down.  from my.  soapbox.  it sure did smell lovely up there. 

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