Posted on September 4, 2009


you never do know what’s around the bend * a big adventure or a brand new friend * when you’re curious, like curious george * (swing!)

well everything (everything!) is so glorious (glorious!)  * and everything (everything!) is so wonderous (wonderous!) * there’s more to explore * when you open your door * and meet friends like this * you just can’t miss * (whooooa!)

get curious (curious!) and that’s marvelous (marvelous!) * and that’s your reward * you’ll never be bored * if you ask yourself, what is this? * like curious, like curious, like curious george
forgive the tardiness in updating.  i had whined so much about missing silly monkey that a few chastised me for not blogging about his homecoming, last sunday.  but he’s home and i’m happy and we’ve spent this very busy week catching up on all the things we regularly do, but didn’t do for over two weeks, and the catch up was exhaustively fun! 

the day M brought him home was joyous.  i heard them walk up and ran outside to greet him.  i got a bit teary when i saw his big silly monkey smile (and awful haircut).  as he wiggled away from M, he ran up the stairs (carefully) and jumped into my arms.  we hugged & hugged & HUGGED for a very long time.  during this epic hug-fest, silly monkey not-so-quietly whispered, “i missed you soooo much!”.  i repeated and he said it again.  lots of “i love you”s later, we headed over to see some family.  of course, after he packed up a few sorely neglected trains. 

since then we have slowly gotten back into our normal routine – meals together, daily book reading, lots & train playing and the regular 30 minute episode of curious george on pbs – silly monkey LOVES curious george (he even sleeps with a stuffed george, along with “cheeky monkey” each night).  

 i missed every little thing about him when he was gone, and now that he’s back, i’ve been super eager to sing that opening theme with him each morning.  

i couldn’t be more happy to have my silly monkey home!

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