Posted on September 11, 2009


a few years ago, i was in a super big hurry, latelatelate at night and i justBARELYbumped a car that was illegally parallel parked behind my car.  the bumper on my car had shifted a bit, but the other car didn’t have a scratch on it, visible by moonlight, of course.  after cursing the idiot who couldn’t follow the law, i left a note asking them to let me know if they noticed any damage. b/c really, i did hit it, regardless of where it should NOT have been parked (or my ability to maneuver my boat out of my parking space and around it). 

the next morning, i mentioned it to the owner, who stated it was no biggie and there wasn’t a scratch to be found.  i shoved my bumper back in place (thank goodness for the honda) and went on my merry way. 

so i did the right thing.  i accepted responsibility for possibly, but totally NOT, damaging someone else’s property.  that’s what good people do.  and i’m good people.

however, there are SO many not good people that it makes me ill…

yesterday, as i was leaving a VERY busy parking lot, i was delayed by a moron who pulled out of his spot and nearly hit me.  as he was backing out, i noticed he was on the phone.  and not paying attention.  and not moving slowly.  and not turning his wheels.  and then… he hit the car parked behind him, which launched it into the car in front of it.  and then i watched him still on the phone.  not looking.  and making his way out of the parking lot.  i quickly scribbled down his license plate #, as well as the make & model of the car he should never be able to drive again.

and as he started to drive away, i stopped him.  i rolled down my window and the following exchange took place:

are you going to leave a note? 
for what?
for hitting that car.
you hit that car.  you know you hit that car.  are you going to leave a note?
you need to leave them a note with your info.
uhhhh.  yea.  maybe.

the jackass was STILL on the phone.  and he drove off.  didn’t look back.  didn’t leave a note. 

so… i did.

it’s amazing how much people can suck.

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