Posted on September 13, 2009


mommy, i have a blue house.  and a green store.  and a road.  a long road.  and a stop sign on the road.  and i have some clouds.  white clouds.  no… gray clouds.  two gray clouds.  and then it will rain.  but not on the sun.  just on the house.  and on the store.  but not in the pool.  but there is a fence by the pool.  but there is no fence on the trees.  the tall green trees.  on top of the green grass.

and then i have a train.  with three freight cars.  two pink freight cars with dusty coal.  and they are not cross.  and a blue freight car.  the blue freight car has sticks.  and there is a loooooong track.  and sir topham hat.  he stands by the signal.  but, i have two more signals.  red means stop.  green means go.  yellow means slooooow down.


chalk train

and if he asked, i would draw to the ends of the earth… for my silly monkey.

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