Posted on September 14, 2009



mommy… mommy… mommy… is it wake up time?
no, silly monkey, not yet.  we wait until we hear the alarm beep.  did you hear it beep yet?
no.  can i lay down here with you until it beeps?
yes.  but you must be quiet.
when will it beep?
will it beep so loud that the fire alarm goes off?  b/c that will scare me.
no.  it won’t set off the fire alarm.
will it beep so loud that henry and gordon and thomas will hear it?  b/c they have to wake up and shunt those freight cars to the station.  and then they have to pull the dusty coal to the smelting shed.  and mommy… mommy… mommy…
yes, silly monkey…
and that is the problem.
hey, silly monkey.  that doesn’t sound like a problem.
but mommy, the alarm doesn’t beep.  so that’s the problem.
alright… it’s wake up time. 
but the alarm didn’t beep. 
and that, silly monkey, is the problem.

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