Posted on September 18, 2009


i use words and phrases that most don’t.  in a given day, i probably say “actually”, “certainly” and “super” in a rotation shorter than the local pop music station.  throw in a “goodness gracious” and i can cap off my daily word quota. 

silly monkey hears me.  in fact, he’s a pretty good listener.  most days. 

i do my best to keep language and volume under control.  i don’t curse or use negative words like “hate” when he’s around, and if i hear something adverse in a cartoon (ie.  “go away”), it is immediately turned off (props to pbs kids).  i’ve even gone so far as editing some books when there are some not-so-nice words.  he’ll have plenty of time to learn those things from those kids, but for now… innocence is the name of the game.

but, he’s a good listener.  most days.  he picks up on pretty much everything… 

uh oh, silly monkey, i dropped my keys.  can you pick them up?
certainly, mommy.

i mean, what kid says “certainly”? 

i suppose it’s the same kid that regularly says “actually”.

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