Posted on October 4, 2009


we went to the farm.  the big giant apple farm…

100409 - PICKING APPLES (21)

i took silly monkey to lynd’s fruit farm for some fun in the orchard.  we picked a billion (65 to be exact) golden delicious, red delicious and jonathon apples… 

100409 - PICKING APPLES (12)i don’t know much about lynd’s but they have apple trees as far as yours eyes can see.  rows upon rows of these beautiful apple filled trees.  rows upon rows of greenery.  rows upon rows of kids giggling and climbing these amazing trees. 

it took us nearly an hour to find our perfect apples.  after silly monkey would choose a tree, he would pick the apple and check it for “holes”.  if it was hole-less, he would declare it a “good one” and toss it in the bag.  on a few occasions, we cleaned up a few apples and took a few bites (this is totally allowed and totally encouraged!).  apples right off of the tree… best apples EVER!

100409 - PICKING APPLES (43)

it wasn’t so much that we ended up with a ton of amazingly yummy apples.  it was that we spent quality time together doing something of… well.. quality. 

it didn’t involve electronics.  it didn’t involve a pocket-full of cash.  it didn’t involve fast cars or loud trains.  it was just the two of us – mommy & silly monkey – doing something fun together.  something quiet together.  getting fresh air together. 

after we settled in at home, with our million apples, we washed them and started a big pot of homemade apple sauce.  i cut.  silly monkey plopped them in the pot.  and hour and half later… applesauce… pink, juicy, sweet, made with lotsLOTSlots of love applesauce. 


i’d like to think this is a tradition in the making.  and i certainly like tradition.