Posted on October 9, 2009


i’ve been doing a lot of thinking painful contemplating lately.  the fact that my whole life changed 4 years ago, again 3 years, again 2 years ago and will now change again in a few months… mind blowing.  not all of it was awful, in fact, 99% of it was amazingly amazing.  blessings.  not in disguise.  well, maybe some in disguise.

i’ve come to the realization that there are really just a handful of people that have made these changes awesome.  two of those have been there for me in ways no one should ever be expected to be there for someone else.  they are those who were, and continue to be there out of love, not out of obligation.  they are those who put me in my place when need be, and coddle me when need be.  they are those who cheer me on, help me hold my head up and make me reason with reason.

they make me smile.  real smiles.  and i deserve to smile real smiles.

me mich & josh

mich, josh, me - circa 1983