Posted on October 19, 2009


silly monkey and i always go to the grocery store together.  sure, it’s easier to leave the tot at home and zip to the store and back, but what fun is that?

the type of cart depends on the type of trip.  if it’s a quick trip, we use a regular cart.  if it’s an extensive long list/restocking trip, we use what silly monkey fondly refers to as the “special cart”, which is essentially a grocery cart with a built in tv.  luckily, these “special carts” play thomas, along with other cartoons, but most important is thomas.  of course.  and quite frankly, these “special carts” are worth every penny of the one hundred pennies it costs to “rent” one…

however, if silly monkey starts to misbehave, i won’t hesitate to swap the “special cart” for a regular cart, though this has actually never happened b/c silly monkey is such a good boy at the grocery store.

on our most recent trip, with silly monkey in his “special cart”, we both witnessed a child throwing things from his cart, onto the ground.  this was after this child threw himself on the ground, right at my feet.  silly monkey was a bit taken aback.  he kept calling for me as if he were frightened, though, i admit, i was pretty frightened myself when i had to dodge a few boxes of mac & cheese…

mommy!  mommy!
yes, silly monkey?
that boy in the white shirt is a bad boy.  he is not a good listener.
no, he isn’t, is he?
it is NOT ok to throw. 
that is correct.
i am a good listener.  i am a good boy.
that you are, silly monkey.

i think i was more shocked with the parents, than the boy.  they (yes, they, both of they!) stood there with dumbfounded looks on their faces, repeating over & over “what’s wrong?  tell me what you want?”.  for a moment, i thought they were talking to me and i started to respond. 

they let (yes, LET) his tantrum go on for several minutes.  not once did they pick their child up and sternly tell him to “stop it” or um… “stop it” or even… “STOP IT”!  it was an appalling display of why children behave the way they do.  badly. 

don’t get me wrong.  silly monkey does misbehave.  he misbehaves more often than i would care for him to misbehave.  but he is three and he is learning.  and i am teaching.  and obviously silly monkey is being taught b/c he was certainly quick to point out that THAT boy’s behavior was not acceptable.