Posted on November 4, 2009


the cursor is just staring at me.  blinking.  mockingly…  nothing to write, nothing to write, my gah d, what?  are you blocked again?!  oh.  so.  very.  mockingly. 

the fact is, i have SO much to write.  i just can’t do it right now.  at least not for a few more days, perhaps a week or so.  and not b/c i don’t want to share b/c oh my do i want to share.  i just can’t.  it wouldn’t be right.  it would be… unfair to share.  right now, anyway. 

so, here are some of this week’s super exciting highlights:

1.  everyone is having babies.  everyone!  but not me.  and i hate them all.*

2.  marcella’s is way overrated.  i had dinner there , last night, with the bff and it was just… not good.  i was SO disappointed.  but oh yum = arancini (fried risotto, mushrooms, mozzarella)!!

3.  yum.  jeni’s.  pumpkin 5-spice ice cream.  yum.  mmmmm.  yumyumyum.  ah.  the red hot apple cider sorbet is something to shout about, as well.

4.  yesterday’s lunch from the elevator was tasty.  so tasty that it might be my new fave.  maybe.  perhaps.  probably.  hmmm… what’s for lunch today?

5.  i have over twenty pounds of fuji apples.  i’ve already made applesauce (post forthcoming) and caramel apples.  now what?  and can i freeze these things?  or am i going to have to peel them and vacuum seal them before they go into the icebox?

6.  numbers 2-5 are all about food.  bubble-gut inducing.  treadmill, much?

* i don’t really HATE them.  perhaps just a bit envious.  not that i want a baby, today, anyway… but the mere thought of not being able to have more… ovary stabbing painful.

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