Posted on November 17, 2009


i work downtown, off of a busy downtown street, across from a serene river and walking path, just a few blocks from our minor league baseball stadium and our major league hockey arena.  our office moved here about 6 years ago after outgrowing our old office space, with no thanks to our ranking in the top fattest cities in the country, i’m sure (i do my best to contribute to the office politics).

i wasn’t happy about moving the office.  it wasn’t the work that went into the packing and moving and unpacking, it was more so that we were in the heart of noName village and i loved it!  there  was underground parking and restaurants abound, all in walking distance, no less.  granted the office interior was something out of a miami vice episode, but whatever… THE HIGH BECK, DAMMIT!!

when i first checked out the new space, i didn’t have much to complain about, besides the no underground parking issue (which really is a huge perk considering it gets ridiculously cold and snowy and icy in the winter).  the office is huge.  my office is pretty spacious, given my role in the company, and the decor was… better (minus the weird paintings of ducks and war).  it was the surrounding area that had me worried.

the building was pretty new when we moved in, in a pretty undeveloped area of downtown – more industrial in sim city terms.  behind the office is a row of old, run down buildings that could pass for a factory in an old movie from the 40s.  the windows were broken out and it was pretty deserted, escape the fact that the area was inhabited by the homeless.  i’ve never been too afraid to leave the office, but it’s probably b/c 1.  i normally leave before the office closes and 2.  if i leave after dark, i usually don’t head out alone.  there are no horror stories to report.  everything, thus far (**knock on wood** and yes, i did literally knock on my desk), has been just fine and not something i’ve thought much about… until now.

you see, the city just passed the casino issue, meaning, well, we’re getting casinos.  i think it’ll be a great boost for our economy and job market, even if millions (if not billions) of the city’s, correct me if i’m wrong, just increased tax dollars are going into this project.  it’ll be a neat-o new place to go and play blackjack (b/c i am such a pro) and hang out with the girls.

what i’m not excited about is perhaps requiring our non-existent security to escort me to my car so i won’t be mugged by the crazies and gambling addicts that think i have dollars to spare b/c these new casinos are going up right behind my office where they’ve been tearing down those poor beautiful brick buildings for months now…

but whatever, the plans sure do look pretty.

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