Posted on December 10, 2009


a few years ago, i bought silly monkey a cheeky monkey (and promptly sold the webkinz tag code on ebay, b/c seriously??  not quite)…

he carried it around for a good while…

and then, after a few months, cheeky monkey stayed in silly monkey’s bed, never to see the light of day again…


about a month ago.  and now, cheeky monkey goes just about everywhere silly monkey goes.  in fact, if cheeky monkey falls off the bed during the night, a panicked silly monkey wakes to find him.  silly monkey tells me that has to take cheeky monkey to daddy’s house so he will be safe and not miss me so much.  his rationalization is composed in part of cheeky monkey’s mommy (which is really extra cheeky monkey, just in case…) and me and the sun and the moon and scary noises and a lack of mommy goodnight kisses.  of course, it makes sense in a three-year old’s world and isn’t that all that matters?

given the timing, i can’t help but assume it has more than just something to do with the changes surrounding the divorce.  he seems to be a bit more anxious about not being with me and a lotLOTlot more clingy.  he wants me to do everything with him, even if that entails sitting next to him while he makes monkey noises or holding him on my lap while we watch dora.  of course, him being my baby, i oblige…

side note:
i have to stop calling silly monkey my “baby”.

mommy, i am not a baby.  stop calling me a baby?  please.
oh, silly monkey, but you are my baby.  can i call you my big boy baby?
how about my big not so much a baby boy?
you can call me silly monkey.

but for all intents and purposes, he is still my baby, if simply for the fact that i carried him, labored him and then birthed him. he will always be my baby. BUT, for the sake of his big boy growing up WAY too fast self, i’ll do my best to remove “baby” for his ears.

this evening, a very lovely lady told me she loves reading about silly monkey on fb.  she looked at me lovingly and said… “you just adore him.  don’t you?  i can just see it.”  and it’s true times eleventy billion.  i really, truly, absolutely and unequivocally never knew love until silly monkey.

so, when he asks me to strap cheeky monkey into the car seat next to him, i oblige.  and when he asks me to tuck cheeky monkey in at night, i oblige.  and when he asks me to give silly monkey nightnight kisses…

i certainly, plainly and frankly, cannot refuse.