Posted on December 10, 2009


eight days ago, i hit a pivotal point in my life.  it was the point in which i should have blogged about then b/c that really was the whole point, but now i’m eight days late in posting, but whatever, b/c eight days ago was kind of a ridiculously difficult, yet super day.  b/c eight days ago, i lost my twenties. 

and i do truly mean i lost them…

i can’t even remember the last time i had felt “in my twenties”.  from as far as i can recall, i’ve been taking care of someone else.  friends, family, pets, a boyfriend turned undeserving husband and, of course, my silly monkey.  i feel as though i was forced to grow up.  forced to grow up WAYwayWAY too quickly. 

i suppose it’s my fault.  i could have thrown myself on the ground and refused to play along.  but what would that have gotten me?  a mouthful of anti-anxiety meds and a stay in padded room? 

i’ve made peace with the fact that i am now another year old.  and sadly, it took me eight days to do it.  had i written this post eight days ago, it probably would have been a curse filled tirade about how unfair life is and how much i hateHATEhate being thirty b/c OMG, i’m the dreaded thirty and single and a mom and wahwahwah now wtf do i do?!  BUT, it has been eight days and i have learned three very important things…

1.  thirty feels exactly the same as 29, save for the fact that my sister now calls me old, save for the fact that she is still more than five years older than me and that will never change.  ever. 

2.  thirty is only as old i feel.  and for the past month or so, with the weight of legal chains of crap lifted from my shoulders, i feel as giddy as a 20-year-old. 

3.  thirty is my crowning achievement and i will wear that crown with pride.  and ZERO wrinkles!! 

so after a balloon filled & lovely celebration with my family and a candle topped cake from silly monkey, i’ve come to one conclusion…

thirty can kiss my ass.

** post title = tick, tick… boom!, jonathan larson