Posted on December 14, 2009


since i’m in such the holiday spirit, i thought i’d do one of these nonsensey little quiz/questionnaire/survey thingies. i stole this one from here, who stole it from here, who stole it from here (and yes, i know that page no longer exists, but i try to give credit where credit is due)…

egg nog or hot chocolate?
both.  not together, ewwww.  and not often… enough. 

does santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
santa wraps.  and he borrows whatever wrapping paper we have left over.  he’s frugal like that.  he also writes in block letters very similar to my dad’s handwriting.  but it’s not my dad’s handwriting b/c my dad does not write in block letters. 

colored lights on tree/house or white?
i like colored lights on my tree and white lights on the house.  though i’ve recently seen a trend of people covering their houses in blue lights, which is just oh so Chanukah and not christmas.  and though i LOVE Chanukah b/c i also celebrate Chanukah, i do not appreciate the all blue lights.  or those who half ass the lights with some all white and some colored.  in fact, if you aren’t going to go all out, why bother?

do you hang mistletoe?
no.  but i do hang stockings.  and garland.  plus, i need no reason to forcefully kiss someone.

when do you put your decorations up?
before thanksgiving.  i know, i know… but i can’t help it.  it all reminds me SO much of my mom and i miss her and i love her and i wish i could share it all with her, so… the longer it’s out, the happier i am.  though, if i had my mom’s tendencies, i would leave the tree out year-round.  oh yes.  she did. 

what is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
hmmm… that honeybaked ham.  but just the topping.  the pig soaked sugar topping. 

favorite holiday memory as a child?
watching my sister half open all of her presents and then re-wrap them.  i never did quite have the courage to try that.  the funniest memory… present opening intermission.  my dad always needed a smoke break.  it always lasted for-ev-er.

when and how did you learn the truth about santa?
i’m pretty sure i figured it out pretty early on.  with the handwriting samples and all.

do you open a gift on christmas eve?
always.  but it has to be a small one.  and it can’t be from the stocking.  and someone else has to choose it for you. 

how do you decorate your christmas tree?
hallmark.  99.9% hallmark.  my mom started it, i carried it on.  an expensive habit, but they certainly all bring back lovely, lovely memories.

snow: love it or hate it?
hate it.  after the first few minutes where it’s all pretty from the safety of my front window, i HATE it!  it’s cold.  it’s slippery.  and after the first five minutes, it looks like muddy sludge anyway.

can you ice skate?
i tried once.  on the ice at nationwide arena, after a cbj game.  in athletic ice skates two sizes too big.  probably not the brightest idea. 

do you remember your favorite gift?
hmmm… as a child?  probably my fisher price kitchen set (which is now in silly monkey’s possession).  as an adult?  my freedom.  of course that counts!!

what’s the most important thing about the holidays for you?
being with my family.  especially silly monkey.  and carrying on traditions, something i hope silly monkey will continue to do when he’s all big and grown.

what is your favorite holiday dessert?
lake champlain truffles.  yum.   i’m pretty sure i’ve mentioned them once or twice before. 

what is your favorite holiday tradition?
painting ornaments.  decorating cookies.  making a gingerbread train.  i love them all.

what tops your tree?
i tried for a LONGlongLONG time to find a betty boop tree topper.  so, i compromised on an annoyingly glittery star with a betty boop ornament oh so close to the top. 

which do you prefer, giving or receiving (GIFTS)?
so in the traditional sense, i like both.  but there’s something about choosing something special (ie.  a movie of meaning for my sis) or something super funny (ie. candy vending machine for my bro) that makes me giddy.

what is your favorite christmas song?
i can’t stand christmas music.  sorry.  i just can’t do it.

candy canes?
i like the fruity ones.  a little. 

favorite christmas movie?
i can’t stand christmas movies.  sorry.  i just can’t do it.

what do you leave for santa?
the standard.  milk.  cookies.  though silly monkey told me we wouldn’t be doing that this year b/c he didn’t want to share his cookies.  or his special milk.