Posted on December 18, 2009


i started reading the sookie stackhouse novels aka southern vampire mysteries aka books based on that oh so popular show, true blood.  i’m nearly through the first book and…

yea, yea, i’m starting late in the game, as i’m sure most of you know, but i figured, hey… i bypassed the twilight train, i may as well hop on this one.  although i’m even starting to reconsider that thought.  maybe these books get better as they go on, but i can’t possibly be the only one that wants to punch sookie in the neck.  forget the vampires love bites.  girl is beyond annoying.

and her choice of fashion isn’t even tolerable.  enamel earrings?  a blue floral mini dress?  a white square neck dress with red flowers?  are we dressing for a night out or trying to match the wallpaper?  not even marc jacobs could make a proper go at that.  and bill in his tight dockers and sandals don’t help either.

so, i’m going to stick with it.  see if i can tolerate it and/or learn to love it.

if all else fails…

i’ll just watch the show.  sookie cannot possibly be THAT annoying on the show.  can she?

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