Posted on December 22, 2009


so… i have a boy.

an all boy total boy boy.

and anyone who knows me knows i am so not boy at all b/c i am ridiculously girly.  like way beyond girly.  but, i’ve  made peace with blue, learned to play in the dirt and know how to prepare for a “life saver” (light saber) battle with wrapping paper tubes b/c i have an all boy total boy boy that teaches me the amazing meaning of girly girl mom to awesomely boy boy.

and though i was peed on many a times when silly monkey was in diapers, nothing (and i mean NOTHING) prepared me for this conversation…

before i take a bath, i am going to pee.
don’t watch.
i won’t.
put your finger in my pee and see what happens?
ew!  no!  what will happen is you will get pee on my finger.
**hysterical laughter** yea.