Posted on December 23, 2009


where are we going?
to your house?
to our house, yes. is that ok?
yes. i want to stay at your house forever. i want to stay with you forever.
two more bites and you can be done.
i will have three bites because i am three.
do you want the blue one or the red one?
the blue one.
no! i want the blue one. you want the red one.
what do you want for christmas?
no. i already have it all under the tree.
silly monkey, if you cannot behave, i will have to tell santa and he will put you on the naughty list.
with swiper?
but swiper doesn’t swipe anymore so he is on the nice list. i will be on the nice list with swiper.
do i need to tell santa that you aren’t being a good listener?
noooooooo!! i don’t like santa! bad, bad santa!!
thank you for being such a good boy, silly monkey. i’m very proud of you.
thanks, mommy. i am proud of me, too.
mommy, why is the tree still up?
b/c it’s not christmas yet.
why is christmas soooo loooong?!