Posted on January 16, 2010


so it’s back up and running.  what, you ask?  well, the bracelets for betty website is back up.  and i… i am running like crazy, cranking out fabulous jewelry in the name of brain cancer awareness.

there are only three reasons why you wouldn’t know what bracelets for betty is:

1.  you’ve never clicked on the “b4b” tab on my home page.
2.  i don’t personally know you.
3.  you are severely annoyed by my incessant linkage on facebook, so you have “blocked” my status updates.

if you fall into one of these three categories:

1. wow. really?  (#2 excepted)
2. you must, immediately, click HERE to check it out. (of course, after you finish this post)

b4b is a labor of love. i started it back when my mom was first diagnosed with GBM. we had no idea what we were dealing with. i did a TON of research and found very little. perhaps it’s b/c i’m not that internet savvy. or perhaps b/c there is so much about the disease that is unknown.

i would give just about anything to be able to turn the clock back and have my mom here. fly back to july 2006, when we were laughing with each other on our way to concerts. and i would give just about anything to have her given a prognosis that was anything but death.

brain cancer, like any cancer, has no cure. but unlike the strides we have seen in breast cancer studies, brain cancer treatments are nearly nothing.  and i want to help.  i have to help.  b/c i can’t bear the thoughts of other families feeling the pain i have felt in my heart for almost four years.

so b4b is my way of helping.  we are a fundraiser, not a charity.  we don’t have preferred tax status, so you won’t get a big ol’ write off.  what you will get is a fabulous piece of handmade jewelry and the warm fuzzies associated with knowing that we have used a portion of the sale to donate to brain cancer research.

ok, now click HERE

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