Posted on January 23, 2010


so i promised myself i would blog more regularly since my december posts were a bunch of… well, crap.  but things have been oh so crazy with people and things and work and opportunities that i’m just a bit overwhelmed.

my days…

up early to get silly monkey up for school and/or pick him up from M’s to re-get him ready for school, then head to work for, uh, work…

home to make dinner and play with trains and play doh and read and bathe x2 and read some more, followed by at least 3 “out of beds” for silly monkey to get a drink of water or to pee or just “tell me something”, after which i pull out all of my beads and clay and start orders for the night.


lather, rinse, repeat if desired.  and i do so desire.  i’m having a great time doing things i oh so love (mostly).

my sister thinks i am obsessed with my new passion for clay, but hey, it’s all for a good cause.  in fact, 90% of the stuff i’m using for my clay work (love nooses, donut rings, beads, etc) were my mom’s.  she was so darn crafty and artistic, but she often started things and never finished.  i could probably open my own little craft workshop with all of her supplies and tools, but for now they’re dedicated to b4b and raising money to donate in her memory.  i think she’d be proud.  and a little giddy that her clay tools are finally getting good use.

and the clay work is also something silly monkey and i have been doing together…he with his play doh and me with my sculpey (or fimo, whatever suits my purpose).  he regularly requests that i make him a cake a or pie b/c he just wants to “hold it”.  we even put together a bracelet with a turtle that he wore for exactly 2 minutes before he decided boys don’t wear bracelets, but i couldn’t take it apart b/c my gah, he had already gone through the painstaking procedure to pick out each and every bead to string and was his so STOPitMAMA, it’s mine!!  (and it means a lot to me that he is interested in something that i love doing… something that didn’t involve trains, really. )

my days are full.  my nights are restful.  and everything in between is filled with silly monkey noises.  what more could this gal need?