Posted on February 10, 2010


my bedroom is a mess. 

i wouldn’t think that would be quite so imaginable if you entered my home and moved about the main floor.  aside from the trains strewn about and a pile of handmade valentines adorning the dining room table, you would think… pretty, tidy girl (as well as pretty girl.  and tidy girl.  of course). 

but… my bedroom is a mess. 

when my sister moved in, i lost at least 40% of my closet space.  i refused to give up the extra 10% and call it even b/c well… i AM paying the mortgage.  plus, as much as i tried, there was no possible way to continue to SHOVE things into boxes and into the backs of my closets, even after i took over 80% of silly monkey’s closet floor space. 

my dresser made it into one side of my walk-in, sitting nicely beneath my sweaters and camis.  and directly across is a modified ikea tv stand (ie.  doors removed), that serves as a table top to some of my shoe boxes and home to my extra stash of lotions and body sprays.  that thing barely fit.  it took two people all of their might to cram it in.  but it’s perfectly crammed, even though i still can’t get the leg magic back into the corner. 

and with my bed and night stands and comfy side chair all lovingly laid out in the room area, where else am i supposed to put laundry that i don’t feel like putting away?  i’m starting to reconsider all of my snarky comments to a man i dated, what with his whole NOT owning a washer & dryer and just sending everything out. 

so, yea, my room is a mess. 

which led to a very enchanting conversation with the sister who stole all of my storage space (not to mention silly monkey’s play room)…

your room is a disaster.
what would someone say if they walked in here?
i haven’t invited anyone over to walk in here.
well, what if someone dropped by?
i would not invite them up here.
well, if you want me to keep doing your laundry, you better put this crap away.

and then it dawned on me… i kindaSORTA already DO send my laundry out.  it just doesn’t come back folded.

i love my sister.