Posted on February 11, 2010


best night ever. 

ok.  so maybe not the BEST night EVER, but it certainly ranks pretty high up there. 

i’ve been a closeted mariah carey fan ever since she stopped giving her albums one word titles (sometimes, two words, i know).  i even watched glitter.  sort of.  (i call guilty pleasure, so shut up.)  but really, back when “butterfly”  hit shelves, i was so un-closeted, i sang OUT LOUD, with my windows down and people staring.  (apparently, i am THAT good… at being so ridiculously tone-deaf that i can draw my own crowd!!)  and when she covered brenda k starr’s “i still believe” back in ’98, my gah… LOVED it!!

the recent years have matured my musical tastes (new love affairs with missy higgins and imogen heap) and i just haven’t been much of a fan beyond the occasional comment that THAT song doesn’t suck THAT bad and perhaps, is catchy.  and with the exception of  “we belong together” from the emancipation of mimi album, mariah sort of sat on the shelf – along with the 12 other mariah cd’s i own…

but when it was announced that mariah carey would be hitting my sortaKINDA, not really, but OK, podunk town with her mighty pipes and amazing, uh, talent, how could i ever pass it up? 

i’ll tell you how… ticket prices!!  un-godly.  scary, even.  but we (me, my sis and some friends) scrounged up enough sofa change to purchase nose-bleed seats so far from the stage that we’d have to rely on giant projector screens to see her cleavage.  and we were excited.  majorly excited.  and since we had planned to go right after thanksgiving, we had to wait… and wait… and wait…

and last night was the big night.  and it did not disappoint.

we arrived late and were promptly ordered to surrender our tickets.  apparently, the show was nowhere near sold out and in fact, had not sold enough tickets to fill the lower bowl.  as such, they closed the top two levels and mushed everyone down.  we ended up in sec 134 (from 231), which was wayWAYway down and slightly over, in a super good way.  in essence, we were given 2 price upgrades and a MUCH closer view. 

after an opening act by some three boy group who sang of pulling sexy out and coconuts, ms. mariah carey descended from the ceiling on a swing, wearing what can only be described as the most fabulously poofy & ruffly, yet skin-tight at the same time, gold dress.  after landing on the floor, a few of her dancers prompty ripped off the bottom layers.  perhaps they were from her leftover wedding cake. 

she looked pretty.  not just pretty, but PRETTYprettyPRETTY.  granted, she’s a bit wider than i remember in her “vision of love” or even “daydream” days, but my gah, the gal is still physically put together like a lovely box of valentine’s chocolates (albeit, maybe the cheap kind). 

i had texted myself the set list and when my stupid blackberry gave me the “inbox full” and “delete some messages” message, i did, which also deleted the entire set list and blahBLAHblah, yes i texted myself the set list SHUTup!!  from recollection, she started with “shake it off” and ended with “we belong together” and “hero” (which i knew she would, but wished she wouldn’t have, b/c omg, how cliche’).  in between, she sang some of my old favorites:  “always be my baby”, “honey”, and “my all”.  the crowd went crazy for “obsessed”, “heartbreaker” and “make it happen”.  i was not so secretly hoping she would sing “vision of love”, “emotions” and/or “someday” (am i showing my age?), but, sadly, she didn’t. 

mariah changed three times, exhibiting a total of 4 fabulous mariah outfits:

* cake topper gold dress
* floor length, sleeveless and shimmery gold dress
* short sequiny black halter dress (with furry white shrug, which was removed and replaced with a lovely red kimono)
* long black super tightTIGHTtight sleeveless dress

all of them suited her.  boobies and all.

i really did have an awesome time.  it was one of those rare occasions where i caught myself smiling.  not that smiling is a bad thing, but it was one of those weird, self smiles…  i was having an amazing time and nothing, including the drunk teenage girl trying to get me to high-five her could ruin it.

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