Posted on March 7, 2010


i’m not necessarily a “trendy” gal.  i’ve never gone through “fashion phases” – what i liked 10 years ago, i probably still have today.  and what i like now, i’m most certain that i would have loved as a teen.  i’m not all giddy about fashion week – mainly b/c the looks down the runway freak me out more than excite me.  i would much rather shop at nordstrom or saks, than bebe or forever 21.

but when i ran across nail stamping, i knew i HAD to at least TRY it.  sure, it’s a bit juvenile or even a bit… dumb.  some go completely overboard and turn their nails into serious works of art that are more avant-garde than fit for the office.  but it looked cute and fun and cheap, so i figured… why not?  (side note:  my mom would have LOVED this.  every time we went to get mani/pedis, she got something cutsie painted on.  and after she passed, i inherited about a thousand nail decals. konad is NOT on the list of five things that do not remind me of my mom.)

my order was small.  just a double-sided stamper/scraper, two plates (M3 & M56) and a couple of special polishes (black & white).  it took two days to get to me, from ship date (five from order date), from cali (via www.wowsocool.com).  i also had a 30% off coupon code (which is no longer in existence) and free shipping.

since silly monkey was with me when the package arrived, he was the first to try it out.  he ended up with a star on one nail and a heart on another.  his choice.  and he chose his choice.  and it took him a billion years to choose that choice.

and then, it was my turn.  i put on a base coat of sally hansen’s “heartbeat frost”, since it’s my one of two go to colors, but more so b/c it was already on the counter.  once it dried, i stamped using the hearts on the M3 plate.

** paint the plate, scrape the plate, stamp the plate, stamp your nail **

easy as pie.  yet stinky.  super strong nail polish smell comes out of the little special konad polishes.  i’ve been told it’s b/c they’re so pigmented, which is veryVERYvery apparent.

my nails came out super cute.  granted, they would have worked much better for valentine’s day, but still lovely none-the-less.  i don’t see myself going crazy with this and the two plates i have should suffice for a lifetime.  though…

i do sort of want a polka dot one.  and the argyle plate.  and M19 – the regular french tip one.

ah, crap.

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