Posted on March 8, 2010


i HATE the winter.  i HATE the cold, the snow, the rain, the wind…

the general feeling of being cold. 

and most of all, i HATE cabin fever.  so, with the weather warming up a bit this weekend (and the sun making a cameo appearance), silly monkey and i had a fabulous weekend. 

not-so-exciting, yet exciting things we did:

* walked to the mailbox.  yep.  WALKED!  since the sidewalks are no longer covered in snow/ice (although they are covered in dog poo – COME ON PEOPLE!!), we were able to get there with minimal slippage.  i say minimal b/c i did fall once.  not on the ice, but by tripping over my own feet.  while wearing flats. 

* spent 2 hours at the craft store.  this is a mommy & silly monkey favorite.  there’s always something cool to get and it usually costs under $5.  on this trip, i picked up a few necessary jewelry making supplies and silly monkey picked up a thomas notepad that you color with… WATER!! 

we also snapped up an “oops a daisy” candy dispenser for silly monkey’s uncle j.  he was SO upset when he learned that uncle j was not home yet.

* talked to some girl scouts about their cookie sales.  silly monkey promptly purchased two boxes of thin mints and one box of lemon chalets.  with my money.  when one of the gals tried to hand him the change, he told her “i don’t want it.”  (and since i did, i took it.)

* walked to uncle j’s house.  yes.  WALKED!!  again with the dog poop everywhere, but it’s getting much easier to maneuver through, with all of our walking practice.  silly monkey delivered a box of thin mints, as well as the “oops a daisy” candy dispenser – demanded it be opened and promptly ate the poop jelly beans.  this process was then repeated with m&m’s.

* RAN home from uncle j’s house.  yep.  RAN!!  the energy in my child is astonishing.

* played at the mcdonald’s play place for nearly two hours.  i listened as a white trash couple discussed the idea of staying in a marriage “for the kids”, despite it failing and in spite of the horrible environment these kids are being raised in.  i can only assume they were referring to me, since i was THE only single person in the room, though how they knew i was single is anyone’s guess.  it didn’t hurt me or upset me.  it annoyed me.   when they can not wear their stained tweety bird t-shirts in public, i’ll stay in a failing & abusive marriage.   

* had an ice cream date.  cotton candy for silly monkey (with eyes and sprinkles).  peanut butter for me.

* started planning an almost 4 year old’s birthday party! 

this may have been my most favorite weekend of the year, so far…

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