Posted on March 8, 2010


i have received exactly 7.25 emails re: the konad, so apparently my “review” needs to be more… review-y.  and instead of doing an actual review b/c i am not a very good reviewer (obviously), i figured i would just answer the questions i’ve received.

1.  what the hell is konad?

hmmm.  my snarky answer is go back and read the previous post and/or google it.  my non-snarky answer is go back and read the previous post and/or google it.  it’s nail stamping.  not complicated.

2.  seriously, d, wtf?

seriously.  i’m stamping my nails.  think of it as airbrushing without the airbrush.  without the price tag.  without the stinky stop in the nail salon.  without the acrylics.

3.  cool.  where can i get this?

(ugh, apparently no one can read) it’s all over the net.  and i hear it’s available at those little mall kiosks, though a bit more pricey.  you can get it direct from the source at konadusa.com or at little one-stop shops, such as wowsocool.com and ocnailart.com.  i opted for wowsocool.com b/c they had the plates i wanted, in stock, plus a 30% off coupon code and free shipping.  i also read many, many reviews about the site and they raved about the customer service (which i can first-hand say is awesome), as well as quick shipping (like i said before, i received my stuff 5 days after order, 2 after shipping).

4.  is it difficult?

nope.  well, not for me, anyway.  i don’t have a steady hand and my hand-eye coordination is questionable, so i was a bit worried that i wouldn’t be able to get it right.  the little free-standing designs are nearly impossible to screw up (position-wise), but the “french” style designs can be a bit frustrating.  i did my first one of those this evening without issue, so…

(please ignore the scary cuticles… i do.)

5.  what happens if you screw up?

remove it with nail polish remover.  this isn’t rocket science.

6.  so… how exactly do you do this?

step 1: paint your nails with a base coat – color or clear, doesn’t matter.  let it dry completely!

step 2: lay a towel out on your table, topped with a paper towel.  (this is not completely necessary, but it will prevent you from screaming and cursing when you get nail polish remover on your black wood dining room table, with bits of paper towel stuck in it, that refuses to come off!)

step 3: set out your image plate, scraper, stamper, polish, q-tips and cap full of nail polish remover.  (some say to use pure acetone, but i don’t have any and have yet to have an issue with using what i have.)

step 4: work quickly… using your “special” konad polish, paint your choice of design on your choice of plate.  quickly scrape the polish off via 45 degree angle, then wipe the polish off your scraper, onto the paper towel.  quickly roll your stamper over the design (this transfers the design onto your stamper).  quickly position the stamper onto your nail and roll it on (i’ve been rolling my finger the opposite direction as i roll the stamper, which seems to working well).  if you like it, keep it.  if not, remove it with nail polish remover, reapply your base coat, let dry and try again.

step 5: using a q-tip and nail polish remover, clean off your image plate, flip it over and wipe the excess onto the paper towel.  if necessary, also clean off the stamper.

step 6: repeat steps 1-5.

step 7: after waiting about five or so minutes, apply a top coat in three strokes.  one down the middle.  one down the right side.  one down the left side.  if you do any more, you’ll smear the design.  again, i hear you must use the “special” konad top coat, but i’ve been using cover girl wet shine and it’s fine.

if you’re serious about this, i would do a quick search on youtube.  they have some fab tutorials.  granted, the designs are over the top and some are plain scary, but you’ll get the idea.  visually, anyway.

7.  what’s next on your to-do list?  rhinestones?

um.  no.

8.  i want to try this, can i come over and use yours?


9.  have you lost your mind?

that’s debateable.

10.  how awesome would this be for a slumber party?!

very!  i’m thinking of having a slumber party just to show it off.  you in?

and just so you know, i didn’t intend to re-do the very nails i spent an hour painstakingly painting, stamping, etc on friday.  however, every time i looked at my hands, i felt like that idiot down the street that still has their christmas lights up – with me and my very valentine’s day inspired nails.  so…

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