Posted on March 22, 2010


newly minted “things i love”…

dot dot dot.  they’re an amazing band.  and i can say “band” with conviction b/c they do actually play instruments.  well.  they’re energetic and super nice.  and one of the members (miss rose) was currently gifted with a b4b exclusive rose ring (thanks to the lovely beth’s well thought out thievery from my finger).  they even placed highly in that vh1 show, the next great american band.  if you haven’t heard them… please go listen.  if you haven’t seen them…  please take in a show.  you’ll quickly become as smitten as i am. 

kingdom of bounce.  the place is rad.  a giant kingdom of inflatable goodness.  after 15 minutes, i was profusely sweating glistening.  so much so that silly monkey made several comments about how my hair was wet.  after nearly two hours, silly monkey and i were both exhausted and ready to crash for the night.  and for $7 (grown ups bounce free, with a kid in tow, of course), it was well worth the exhaustion.  i highly recommend this place to those that have tots (under 10, maybe 12, if your kid is small) with excessive energy and major cabin fever! 

*  sally hansen nail polish.  most awesome:  “rockstar pink”  – a plethora of pink, red, gold & blue glitter suspended in clear polish.  in one coat, my nails turned from blah to rainbow brite!  this stuff is great.  second most awesome:  the new one-swipe, quick drying polish in pronto purple.  lives up to its name… ten fold.

*  limes.  especially in key lime pie.  especially in my aunt’s key lime pie.  especially on top of her ridiculously buttery crust.  mmmmmm.  pie.

*  prom.  or to be more specific – MORP (prom spelled backwards)… so click, read and buy a ticket. 

*  vacation!  which i will be taking.  in a week.  and i never take vacations… unless i’m sick, which requires me to use vacation time b/c when i’m sick, i’m siiiiiiick. 

** post title = kramer, seinfeld – the junior mint, 4.20

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