Posted on April 13, 2010


i ran into an old acquaintance a few days ago.

i knew she saw me.  so, i did what i normally do when i don’t look my best and am certainly not in the mood to reminisce about old happenstance… i pretended i didn’t see her.  it didn’t work.

she marched right up to me with a boy i assumed was her boyfriend (not terribly attractive, but not exactly unfortunate)…

oh, hi, L.  it’s been forever.  how are you?!
i’m great!!  you?
** silence **
oh!  this is my friend, guy.  guy, this is D.
** general greetings, followed by silence **
well, i have to run. it was really lovely bumping into…
OMG!  you two should totally get married.  you have so much in common!!
well, you are both in your thirties.  and both siiiiiiingllllle!
(i stood there, mouth agape.  guy stood seemingly as mortified as i was.)
oh.  how did you know i was single?
i heard you got… **side whisper** divoooorced.
my gah, L, it’s not like the plague.
and we all know how you’re RELATIONSHIP girl!
wow. so nice to meet you guy. nice seeing you L. i am totally running late.
ok. call me. we’ll do lunch.
sounds good.

and i ran off.  without his phone #.  or hers!  (ok, so less running, more speed walking.)

i felt humiliated for a moment.  and then i realized two things…

1.)  i am way happier now, SINGLE, than i ever was being married.  or in any other relationship in my life, for that matter.

2.)  being SINGLE is NOT a quality.  it’s not even an assumption two should rely on sharing when beginning a courtship.  it is a REQUIREMENT.

i mean, really…

since when did being single in your thirties equal death? (and by the way, i JUST turned thirty, so…)

would it really be the end of the world if i NEVER got married again? (i highly doubt i’m destined to be the old lady with far too many cats.  shoes, maybe.  cats… no way.)