Posted on April 13, 2010


you are a big rubber duck.
excuse me?
you are a big rubber duck.
oh yea, well… what color duck am i?
you are a yellow rubber duck.  with 4 orange spots.

uh, oh!  now you’re a rubber fish!!
a rubber fish?!
and now you’re a drink.  and i drinked you down.  you’re in my tummy.
oh no… how will i ever get home?
i don’t know.
mommy.  mommy.  MOMMY!!!
yes, monkey.
i have to tell you a secret.
** whispers ** i love you and you are the best.
well, that’s not a secret, silly!
for lunch, i had rice.  and strawberries.  and a hot dog.
you did not have a hot dog.
oh.  ok.  rice.  and strawberries.  and fruit snacks.  and goldfish.
mommy, when i am 4, i will buy you a big house.
great! how much will it cost?
twenty-leven dollars!
oh my. that sounds like a lot of money.
yea. it’s ’cause it will have a BIG door.