Posted on April 14, 2010


i’ve been planning silly monkey’s 4th birthday party for a few weeks now.  every year i get into party planning mode and go WAYwayWAY overboard.  i suppose this year is no different… aside from the fact that it’s just “my side” this year…

[**ramble ramble ramble* i made that decision pretty early on and never really discussed it with the “other side”.  i suppose i just assumed M made the same decision, considering he’s made no mention of it to me, either.  and i certainly hope he made that decision b/c there really was no discussion and i’d hate to think silly monkey would miss out on a party with his “other side”.  and i suppose i didn’t feel weird or bad about not having the discussion b/c well… it’s not exactly a parenting issue as much as an activity issue.  that & the fact that i’ve always done the planning &  invited him to be part of any and all festivities, which he should expect, so had he wanted to be involved, he should have spoken up.  blah blah blah.  the end.]

this year, silly monkey chose his favorite monkey for the party theme.  (he actually chose “thomas” initially, but i explained that he already had a “thomas” party and asked if he would like something different, which he said he did and promptly chose curious george.  though he did choose a “thomas” theme for his little party at preschool.  of course.).  so creativity ensued and the party planning took shape…

the invitations are rad, let me tell you.  and silly monkey is super excited that curious george has now channeled curious silly monkey (side note:  obviously the actual invites boast his real name… this blog, not so much).  though, i think his favorite part is the pinata.  ah, THE pinata…

for my birthday, i will have a pinata.
a george pinata.
and it will have strings on his butt.
so he will poop the candy out.

oh my.

kind of looks like it, huh?
yes.  it’s funny.

i thought about loading the thing with tootsie rolls, then thought, wow… that might be gross.  BUT, then i thought some more and decided to load it full of tootsie rolls and hershey’s kisses b/c… hahahaHAHAha… that’s freakin’ funny!!

seriously.  look at this thing…

it is probably THE ugliest pinata i have EVER seen!  but my, gah, watching candy fall from it’s ass… those are going to be some amazing photos.  HAHAHA.

wow.  this is turning into that really annoying and never-ending fart joke.

the only thing to troubleshoot at this point is the menu.  i figure pizza will suit just about everyone and it’s cost efficient, though i’m pretty sick of pizza b/c at almost every little event we have pizza, but we may have to just go with pizza b/c when i ask for silly monkey’s input, he keeps suggesting jelly beans…

jelly beans?  not everyone likes jelly beans, silly monkey.
uh, mom!  eeeeveryone likes jelly beans.

so the party’s a go and all that’s really left to do is get balloons & streamers, make (yes, i said MAKE) the cake and spiffy up the townhouse.  this could possibly be my best party yet.

here’s to hopes that silly monkey won’t wake from his nap as a crab… or better, yet… let’s hope he actually naps.