Posted on April 17, 2010


dear silly monkey –

happy fourth birthday my beautiful, amazing boy! 

i shudder to think what my life would be without you.  i’m sure i would have much less white hair, much more quiet time and a few less pairs of sensible shoes, but my life would be oh so incomplete.  i could do without the majority of your tantrums, your picky eating and your knack for jumping on me, but i would surely miss your big brown eyes, your perfect “squeezy” hugs and the way you make my heart melt just by saying “i love you”.  life may be stressful, but you certainly make it worth living – each and every day.

so, in honor of your fourth birthday, please accept these FOUR tips on how to make this next year’s transition a bit more smooth…

1.)  eat.  and not just junk.  i know you like junk, but junk doesn’t really like you.  jelly beans are not for dinner.  oreos are not for breakfast.  and just b/c you had lunch does not mean you don’t need dinner. 

2.)  stop jumping in the house.  it makes the floor shake.  and makes awful noises for whomever is on the floor below you.  AND you get times outs.  do you want to continue to get time outs?  i mean, seriously, times outs increase by a whole MINUTE starting today.

3.)  asking me to “just do it, please” will not get me to do anything.  it’s just adding “please” to rude words.  so, take a deep breath and try again. 

4.)  flattery will get you everywhere.  especially with me.  so please continue to tell me i’m the “best” and your “favorite girl”.  it makes me happy and gets you new toys. 

in ALL seriousness…

i love you.  you are and will always be the #1 “man” in my life.  in four short years, i have learned to be selfless, patient and dirty.  no one else has ever been able to teach me these things.  if i had to do one thing, and only one thing, for the rest of my life, it would be love you.  and i assure you, that is the ONE thing i WILL do for the rest of my life…

i love you.  to infinity.  my silly monkey.  happy 4th birthday. 

love, mommy