Posted on April 18, 2010


i’m exhausted.  super exhausted.  friday night i “hosted” a little birthday date for silly monkey & some friends at one of our very favorite places… kingdom of bounce… 

[i “air-quote” “hosted” considering we arrived well after ALL of our guests.  this was not for lack of trying to be on time.  for one thing, i was hungry, since i worked all day.  secondly, i had to take my bro’s dog out since he was stuck in clinicals.  and third (and fourth), i kept forgetting things – like my camera!!]

silly monkey had an amazing time with miss amy & miss sylvia, kade, ryan, lydia, isabella and ellie.  they bounced for hours, ran with force and silly monkey only got climbed on once (for which i scolded the boy, when his mother ignored his rough behavior) and kicked in the head once (for which silly monkey told the girl – YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO SAY YOU’RE SORRY!!).  i say it was a complete success, which ended with a giant gumball and a quiet drive home.

as we walked up our front walk-way, i noticed balloons strewn about.  and i immediately felt pressure lifted from my shoulders.  my sister had decorated the entire place – complete with furniture moved, folding of napkins & placement of bananas.  if i haven’t mentioned that i love my sister before…

silly monkey transitioned peacefully to bed, which was rad  b/c i spent the next 5 or so hours making his cake.  a triple chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate jimmies, topped with green grass/leaves & george… per silly monkey’s very specific request.  and while i wasn’t 100% happy with it, i would have to say it it my FAVORITE birthday cake thus far (all of his other cakes have been purchased and disasters – leaving me somewhere between tears & livid – and sometimes in tears, while livid.).  

saturday’s party was awesome.  everyone silly monkey so very much wished would attend, did.  they had free range of the townhouse and even made us some lovely music with my mom’s old tambourine and some building blocks.  silly monkey did very well with sharing (after a twenty-minute time out, in which he jumped SO HARD upstairs, it shook the whole house and promptly blew a fuse in the kitchen) (he won’t be jumping again) (oh… and i pretty much live in a cardboard house) (don’t buy lifestyle, people) (i hate them) and was SO excited to have friends watch him open his nearly never-ending pile of gifts.

and then there was the cake (two actually).  and made-from-scratch banana cream pie.

it was a low stress, relaxing & super fun party. 

i sent the kiddos home with a box filled with a whole bag of jelly beans & the equivalent of 2lbs of chocolate. 

grown ups were sent home with bananas, cake & pie. 

and me?  i was left with a VERYveryVERY happy birthday boy. 

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