Posted on April 22, 2010


répondez, s’il vous plaît. 


directly translated – “please reply”…

it’s not difficult.  if you’re invited to ANYTHING and an rsvp is requested – do it.  send a little email.  click the little button on the fb invite.  send a text.  call.  granted, i’m not always best at doing any of that in a timely manner, but i always rsvp, at some point, one way or the other. 

AND, if i might add…

if you rsvp and your plans change making it impossible (or unwilling) to attend, re-rsvp with the change… email it, fb it, text it, etc.  again, not difficult.

why am i ranting about something as simple as an rsvp?  perhaps b/c people don’t seem to grasp the concept.

1.  when you rsvp that you will attend, you are counted in the “headcount” for food, supplies, etc.  when you don’t show up, the host has now wasted money.  and money is precious.  MY money is precious.

2.  waiting on guests who have rsvp’d, then don’t show up, is annoying for the host and upsetting to a child.  what is the proper amount of time to wait for these people?  how much longer must i make my child wait to open his presents and blow out his candles?

3.  if you find yourself as one of those that has accepted an invite, cannot attend at the last-minute and then seemingly forget to tell the host before the event… tell them at some point.  ANY POINT.  the next day, even. 

so there’s your quick lesson in etiquette.  some need it more than others.