Posted on May 10, 2010


it’s been one of those days.  the kind where you can’t possibly complain about how bad it is b/c it’s so craptastically humorous that just about everything has gone wrong, not to mention the fact that your wallet (well… mine) was drained b/c OMG… this day sucks!! 

ok.  so i suppose i can complain a little…

i had such high hopes for today.  and trust me, those hopes were SO high!

i spent saturday afternoon in my office no thanks to M and his inconsiderate ways – for which he planned a lateLATElateWAAAAYlate bday party for silly monkey (did i mention, uh… LATE?!), over what just happened to be MY weekend and MOTHER’S DAY weekend to boot?!  and what was i to do, but graciously let my silly monkey have a lateLATEwaaaaayLATE bday party b/c that’s the mom i am… even if i was fuming and saddened, all at the same time.  (and even though i was still fuming and sad, i know it was the right thing to do b/c no matter what the circumstances are or how i feel or how inconsiderate one semi-human being can be… it IS and always will be about silly monkey.)

and then after what seemed like a semi-trying start to mother’s day, the day ended on a wonderful note:  complete with a family celebration, yummy popcorn from north market, a painted silly monkey hand flower and strawberry shortcake.  and peaceful sleep. 

when i awoke this morning, i was in a pretty gosh darn glorious mood.  silly monkey and i snuggled while watching cartoons for a bit.  he told me all about “changing face james”…

mommy… ask james why he has such a happy face.
james – why do you have such a happy face?
it’s b/c there is no more paint on it. 
oh, i see.
now ask him why he has a cross face.
james – why do you have such a cross face?
it’s b/c now he has paint on it.

and then he requested lucky charms for breakfast b/c he knew i had “bought some at the store yesterday.  on mommy’s day.”

so what could possibly have made today such an asshole?  how about…

1.  my car wouldn’t start.

2.  i got my shirt and my hands completely covered in black soot, while trying to jump start my car.

3.  my car wouldn’t start after 3 failed attempts to jump it.

4.  i was late for work.

5.  M picked up silly monkey & actually got my car to start.

6.  i had to pay over $100 for a new battery.

7.  the idiots are the auto place couldn’t install the battery b/c it was covered in crud.

8.  they sent me down the street to have it installed.

9.  more late for work.

10.  the car wouldn’t start again.

11.  i spent the next 10 minutes trying get it started, which it finally did.

12.  arrive at the auto shop, where i stood around for nearly an hour in 4 inch  heels.  a dirty shirt.  soot covered hands.  and a pissy face.

13.   down the street is where i learned that the idiots mentioned in #7 broke the part that attaches the battery to the car. 

14.  super late for work.

15.  throw in the need for oil, antifreeze AND a tail light.

16.  paid another $some odd, most certainly NOT in the budget, for the remainder. 

oh… and did i forget to mention that i was completely LATE FOR WORK?  and i hadn’t had a sip of coffee or breakfast.  or even water!! 

so really, had today not been so totally craptastically humorous, i might have thrown myself on the ground and demanded a do-over. 


can i still do that?!