Posted on May 26, 2010


i made my sister, mich, a necklace/rear-view mirror decoration with chakra stones.  well, at least the ones i had on hand (amethyst, quartz, sodalite and aventurine).  in the midst of cleaning up beads, i found a few others (rose quartz & carnelian) and sent her a message to let her know i could add to  it.  in turn, she sent me back the following:

silly monkey asked me why i have the necklace there and i told him for protection. of course, he then asked from what so i told him it helps keep me safe, to which he replied, “mommy needs one for her car”. 

he is always thinking about you!

and he is…

 it’s funny b/c he’s generally NOT a good sharer.  but with me, he’ll share his toys, his blanket and even his snacks (including the highly coveted jelly bean).  he asks me how i’m feeling.  he tells me he’ll play quietly when i’m not feeling well.  and he’ll snuggle with me if he thinks i’m sad.

he IS always thinking of me.  it’s heart meltingly tingly. 

he tells mich i can do anything and i can fix anything.  even when he’s sad, he’ll ask for me to fix it.  he’ll tell me i can make him happy again.  and i do.  b/c i love him. 

mich says silly monkey thinks i hung the moon. 

and, really…

is there anything better than that?!