Posted on June 10, 2010


i want to try this…

HEMP DREAM Non-Dairy Beverage is derived from the Hemp seed, which contains high quality protein and amino acids in addition to EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids which include Omega 3 &6) that are continually gaining importance as part of our daily diet. This beverage’s natural benefits are complemented with an additional enrichment of vitamins to help make this a Non-Dairy Beverage unlike any other.

as most of you know, i am lactose intolerant.  as is silly monkey.  i have probably had 25oz of milk in the past 4 years.  i just doesn’t sit well.  i can’t digest it, so it sits and sits and sits, until it decides it doesn’t want to sit any longer, which then creates a whole mess of stomach upset and nausea.  and much worse.  ice cream does the same thing.  as does whey protein (any casein for that matter), yogurt and cream.  fortunately, i can do a bit of butter and cheese, with no ill effects. 

i gave up on milk long ago and opted for soy milk.  i didn’t really like the taste, but it was acceptable in cereal, coffee and tea.  after i noticed a strong shift in silly monkey’s behavior and my irritability, i did a bit of research on soy and found that a chemical in soy mimics estrogen.  in fact, some research has shown that soy can alter a woman’s menstrual cycle and even lends to a higher risk of breast cancer.  soy also contains high levels of phytates, which block absorbtion of some necessary minerals.  are there benefits of soy?  absolutely.  but from my research, i felt it was best to err on the side of caution and find a replacement for me and silly monkey.

after speaking with silly monkey’s pediatrician, we’ve now been consuming lactose free milk.  strangely,  i have the same symptoms with the lactose free milk that i do with regular milk.  lactose free milk is just milk with an added enzyme that is supposed to counteract the lactose.  it’s called lactase.  silly monkey seems to be faring far better with it, but i’m still a bit iffy on the whole cow’s milk benefits and would love to find something more… vegan. 

intermittently we’ve tried rice milk and almond milk.  neither have enough protein to assist in silly monkey’s diet, at only 1g per serving.  both are also very watery and have a distinct “sugary” flavor. 

hemp dream came across my path when my sister mentioned it.  i hesitate to call her a “health nut”, but she’s something of a… “health nut”.   after looking into it, i’ve found that one serving contains 4g protein (better!!) and very low sodium.  it also boasts omega 3s and 6s, along with vitamins A, D, B12 and 30% of RDAs calcium. 

the only problem i’ve seen is that it only comes in single quart boxes with a sticker price of approximately $5 each.  on sale, i’ve seen it for close to $4 per quart.  for silly monkey, needing 16oz per day, we would net a total out-of-pocket expense at roughly $75 per month.  and that’s just for him and assumes i drink none and don’t cook with it.  this is compared to the $14 per month i currently spend on lactose free milk, just for silly monkey with an occasional splash in my cereal or tea.  there are other brands available, but some are thickened with carrageenan (not good), don’t boast the protein content and/or have a ton sugar. 

hemp dream sounds like a dream.  i’m tempted to just try it out, but i’m afraid that i’ll fall in love with it and be stuck with the crazy expense.  the product is still new-ish, so perhaps the price will fall. 

or they’ll issue coupons. 

or, i don’t know, someone might drop a year’s worth on my front steps. 

** post script:  there is NO thc in this.  no hallucinogen.  no “high” value.  so whatever you were thinking… just stop. **

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