Posted on June 23, 2010


about a month ago, i was contacted through my b4b shop to donate some items for a silent auction.  but it wasn’t just any silent auction, it was for a man/husband/father/grandfather who was fighting his way through GBM.  his name is michael overall. 

On Memorial Day Weekend 2009 Mike Overall, lifelong Southeast Texas and Beaumont resident, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme.  Immediately he was admitted for surgery to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.  Surgery has been followed by a regiment of radiation and chemotherapy with rehabilitation work that continues Mike’s path to recovery.

i pulled the above information from mr. overall’s website.  one his loving family lovingly put up to help raise funds for his care.  the silent auction was part of a huge golf outing and dinner.  you can read more about mr. overall and the event at

i checked in with michael’s wonderful daughter, sharon, a day or so ago.  i wanted to be sure my items arrived in time and that everything went off without a hitch.  her response left me in tears… her father isn’t doing well. 

while i won’t share her exact words, i will say that they brought back a flood of emotions.  i miss my mom so so so much.  and although in just over one month she will have been gone for three years, part of me feels like it can’t possibly have been so long ago that i said goodbye to her.  i can still see her beautiful puffy face.  i can still hear the horrendous sound of her very last breath.  i can still feel how cold her hands went just moments after she passed.  and when i stop and really think about it, my heart races and my respirations nearly cease. 

i started laughing out of nowhere a few weeks ago.  my sister thought i went looney.  i don’t know why, but i had suddenly remembered the time i dared my mom to toss a half-full can of pepsi out of her moving car.  i must have been 12 years old.  and i knew she wouldn’t do it – she was too “by the rules” to litter and my goodness, how stupid of a dare was this?!  and then she did it.  and we laughed hysterically the whole way home. 

it makes absolutely no sense that i remembered, out of the blue, this silly little tale.  it makes even less sense that it makes me so happy. 

i hate GBM with every fiber of my being.  i hate that i wish my mom could have just had another type of cancer b/c then she may have had a fighting chance.  i HATEhateHATE that i wish this awful, horrible thing!! 

i know the sadness and desperation the overall family must be feeling.  my heart aches for them. 

the closing of sharon’s email to me…

I know your mom is proud of y’all, and tell her to meet dad in heaven. 

i’m lucky enough to know she is.  and she certainly will.