Posted on July 30, 2010


while watching big brother 12 with my sister, she noticed that one of the guys is jewish (b/c i am apparently destined to end up with a jewish man)…

look at him.  is he cute?
i can’t really tell.  don’t think so, though.
he’s jewish.  he’s wearing a harmonica.
a harmonica?
a hammocka. 
a hammocka? 
whatever… you know what i mean.
a yarmulke? 
yea.  one of those.
you do realize i’m going to have to blog about this.

she then swore that she didn’t say hammocka, but hommicka.  i say it doesn’t matter.  she was still COMPLETELY off!!  and all of this from the girl who once asked… “what is a meatball?  is it, like, a ball of… meat?”

i love my sister.


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