Posted on August 30, 2010


hey d.  or shall i say brave girl?  at least you can pull it off.  anyway, if you’re going to share your semi-bare face, at least tell us what you normally put on it. 

alright… here are the contents of the cosmetics bag (which is really not a bag.  everything is organized by “feature” – face, eyes, lips, etc in two three-drawer containers.  brushes and tools are held separately, in a mesh container with two stainless steel cupsi generally only carry a pressed powder (mac studio fix) and lip gloss with me, in my purse, sans cosmetic bag.) (bold/italics are items i use just about everyday the others are on reserve for nights out, etc.):

smashbox “photo finish” primer
mac “prep & prime” primer
everyday minerals concealer in two shades, to mix accordingly
everyday minerals foundation (loose) in three shades, to mix accordingly
everyday minerals foundation (pressed) in two shades, to mix accordingly

everyday minerals bronzer (loose), in “soft bronzer”
everyday minerals blush (pressed), in “apple”

everyday minerals eyeshadow, in “dandelions”, “funnel cake” & “smokey”
victoria’s secret eyeshadow quad, in “mosaic storm”
mac eyeshadow, in “sketch”, “cranberry”, “trax”, “amber lights”, “swimming” and “prussian”
smashbox cream eyeshadow/liner pallet
rimmel soft kohl eye pencil, in black & navy
smashbox “lash dna” mascara (for upper lashes)
maybelline “lash stiletto” mascara (for lower lashes)

covergirl “lash blast” mascara

dr. bronner’s sun dog’s lip balm
smashbox “o-plump” lip gloss
smashbox “double take” lip pencil, in “sugar spice”
victoria’s secret blueberry lip gloss

as you can tell, i love me some everyday minerals.  it’s the most gentle on my face and stays on pretty well throughout the day.  i’ve heard bare minerals has longer staying power and more coverage, but it also contains “bismuth”, which makes me want to scratch my face off.  i’ve tried it once or twice, but always revert back to everyday minerals.  everyday minerals have no:  petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicones, parabens, propylene glycol, carmine, retinol, aha’s, synthetic lake dyes, alcohol, animal by-products or sodium laureth sulfate.   it’s cheapCHEAPcheap for amazing quality products (though it was much cheaper just a short time ago).  i cannot attest for any of their products beyond the concealer, foundation, blush/bronzer & eyeshadow. 

smashbox is also one of my faves.  i once bought a “holiday pack” just for the “lash dna” mascara and a highlighter pencil that they don’t make anymore.  i ended up with at least 10 other things i never used and never will.  their primer is my favorite, with mac’s coming in a close third.  my second fave primer is from laura mercier – they also carry an amazing concealer (secret camoflauge), which i would regularly purchase if the price tag wasn’t so hefty ($28).

things on my “to try” list:  smashbox “bionic” mascara and smashbox “halo” powder.

so there you go.  there are, for sure, several items not listed (like nail polish & konad, etc), but these are, for the most part, the most popular items in my cosmetics collection.  take it for what’s it’s worth. 

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