Posted on September 16, 2010


after a sorta kinda longish grocery store trip, silly monkey and i made it out to the parking lot.  amidst packing the car full of pine nuts, lactose free milk and a bevy of green veggies, we were interrupted:


a woman in her late 50s, early 60s approached…

i just wanted to say that i was watching you two in there and you are just so wonderful with him.
oh my, thank you.
you are just so patient with him and have such wonderful answers to his questions.  your interaction with him is great.  i love that you let him shop and choose his own items.  i see so many parents completely ignore their children, pump them full of junk to keep them quiet or angrily yell b/c they are misbehaving.
well, i have been guilty of snack pumping.
but you can tell how much you two love being around each other.  it’s beautiful.
i really appreciate that.  it truly is the ultimate compliment.
you’re welcome.  i can tell what a handful he must be and i wanted to tell you that you are doing an amazing job.  you are a wonderful mother.

after a very trying weekend and a pretty busy week, it’s lovely to get this type of reinforcement.  for the past few years, i’ve been really focused on making sure silly monkey has adjusted well to all the changes thrown his way.  in fact, i’ve more often than not thrown my own comfort out the window to be sure that silly monkey is more than comfortable.

it sends a very important message… i am certainly not topping the list of problems.

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