Posted on September 21, 2010


few things don’t remind me of my mom.  in fact, my sister and i have this ongoing “thing” where we challenge each other to find five things that don’t remind us of her.  so far, i have…  

tootsie rolls.   

yep, regular ‘ol chocolate wax tootsie rolls.  and i’m not even sure that i can count tootsie rolls b/c i have to be so specific.  the fruity kinds do remind me of her… she liked the orange ones.  the green, not so much.   


she also loved betty boop.  she was betty boop obsessed.  i recenly told my sister that i missed her betty boop scrunchy.  she wore it ALL the time, even after the scrunchy should have died and been buried.  she had dolls, magnets, calendars, figurines… she was betty boop.  i’ve had dreams that my futureFUTUREfuture husband will put a betty boop patch in his suit jacket on our wedding day.  and i’ve got one sewn into my dress.  cute, huh?  vomit inducingly so.  


and i’ll never be able to take a sip of a frappuccino without conjuring up fond memories.  mint mocha chip… with just half a squirt of mint.  the woman knew what she liked and she was sure to let others know as well.  i still grin when i see the mint mocha chip on the menu around the holidays and in the summer.  wish she were here to still enjoy them.  i haven’t had one since she passed.   


these were our girls.  the dixie chicks.  we used to joke that i was natalie – the loud & spunky one who couldn’t keep her mouth shut to save her life.  but truth be told, i think my mom was natalie.  we last saw the dixie chicks in concert just one month before my mom was diagnosed with GBM.  i still look back fondly and recall her clapping and singing.  she was happy.  and seemingly healthy.  it took me 2 years to be able to listen to the dixie chicks without bursting into tears.   


yum.  apple crisp.  i make a pretty mean one, but her’s… my gah, her’s was the most amazingly delicious thing in this world.  

other things that make me think of her:  strawberries, plants, terra-cotta pots, tomatoes, mashed potatoes, the magic bullet, pepsi, the perricone diet, california, massachusetts, boston accents, salmon, salsa, heart-shaped pillows, red cars, honda, desks, skids/pallets, reba mcintire, dark shadows, loud laughter, cheerios, rice puffs, swampy yards, rusty mailboxes, farberware, gravel, rainbow brite, kimchee, my house, silly monkey…  

the list just goes on and on and on.  and it never stops.   

my mom made such a HUGE impact on my world.  i truly would be lost without her.  

** post title – between the lines, sara bareilles