Posted on September 23, 2010


hi mommy.  i was in the bookshelf.
i know.  auntie michelle sent me a picture.  why were you in there?
b/c i wanted to show her something.
so that’s your new bed, right?
NOOOO way!!!!
why not?  isn’t it big enough?
NOOOO!  it’s NOT big enough!!!
well that’s pretty sil…
mommy, mommy, mommy, hold on a minute.
oh.  ok. 

[in waiting, i attempted a conversation with my sister.]

mommy!  mommy!  auntie michelle!  the two of you be quiet.  i’m trying to hear something.

[uproarious laughter.]

what is so funny?
he told you to hold so he could watch garfield.  he put you on hold for his cartoons.

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