Posted on October 11, 2010


by guest poster – “KL”

The Beginning:  Okay, so I don’t remember if the topic started out of boredom on a slow Friday afternoon last week or the usual (and annoyingly consistent) statement that was thrown at me by some random co-worker – “How are you able to walk in those heels??”

My seemingly annoyed reaction netted a response on Facebook:

OK, so I had a small typo – SO WHAT – the responses still came in faster than you can say “Manolos”.  Many of my friends were in disbelief and didn’t believe I could go the distance… flatly.  (Just to give you some background history, I wear at least 4” stilettos to work pretty much Mon-Fri) (editor’s note:  SHE ALSO WEARS THEM ALL WEEKEND!)  I was actually shocked and amused that  one little statement could invoke some many comments! 

Well, I’m going to do it – put my stilettos back in my closet wear only flats for an entire week. I will post pics as evidence so there will no doubt that I followed through on my bet.  I will keep a daily log of my experiences and pray that this week will end quickly.  My equilibrium is being thrown off as I type this…


Day One: 

Wearing black flats.  Came into work and I immediately noticed a difference with my height compared to other things.  For example:  While standing next to a guy that is [very] short by today’s social standards (not just mine), we were actually eye level!  Ack!  And I had to tip toe to put items in the office mailboxes.  This is going to be a long week…